Petkit Pura Max Leaking: 1st try addon

Since one of my little boys is peeing from the Everest Base camp to the top of the Mountain i needed an addon to prevent the leaking over the odor mount. So i made “something”.

I do not use the Odor Remover in the drum, i have it outside, on a shelf over the Petkit Pura Max. Because my understanding is, the betonite litter is soaking up the odor and is then less motivated to clump the stuff from the cats.

At first i thought, i just need to tape everything, but it would be better to easily remove the stuff and clean it. i grabbed a pice of cardboard, taped it overall and made 2 cuts for the odor mount. A double sided tape will keep it in place of the mount. It still does look horrible, as all i made until now, but we will see how it works out.